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Meet The Captain and the Co-Director and find out about the concept, and what the business aims to achieve

Captain Edmund Hadnett is a marine professional.  A former Royal Naval navigation officer, Master Mariner and Marine Pilot with 2 major port authorities he is able to offer not only a wealth of knowledge in support of training from over 30 years at sea, but due to his commercial background, the standards of safety management which are now established codes of practice throughout the marine industry. Throughout all courses, the emphasis is on achieving the competence to not only take safe conduct of a vessel, but also the most important “factor” for any Master – to exercise a duty of care to both crew and passengers.

Come start your adventure! – Eddie

Edmund Hadnett, Co-Director & Master Mariner

In establishing the Marine Academy, my co-director and I decided that the business should commit the necessary funding to set up and run a training facility that will not only serve the workboat sector, but which is also open to other companies across the marine industry. It would establish a clear route to the BML Tier 1 Level 2 not only for apprentices, but also facilitate the entry to an appropriate level within the scheme by those from other areas of the industry.

In general, the aim was to emulate the successful cadet VQ scheme which has served deep-sea shipping for many years. We are determined that we will not train to pass an examination, but gain the core competencies necessary to achieve safe and effective performance in the workplace. The Marine Academy is committed to deliver the professional training urgently required by this sector of the industry.

Look forward to meeting you! – John.

John Spencer, Co-Director, MD GPS Marine Holding Ltd

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